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[ 1 ]

hollister uk outlet review Holding a bouquet of crape myrtle flowers, sitting in the breeze in July , Cheng pulls gently comb , a wisp of sweet feelings lingering in my mind , insight , time is so quiet good .

Ring around the eye , I saw , everywhere , every scene , is fresh and bright. In this season of cicadas , I silently guarding the corner of a quiet , let the mind go for a walk with the wind .

Red on the road, I picked up all the way to the light petals , a hint executive Qing Huan , either a heart lake thrown gently pouring water to quietly spread ......

Turbulence rhyme , leaves affectionate , clouds intentional, fleeting , is a song without words , it breeds season scenery and years of style. Life, I hollister uk outlet review depend a fleeting branches, Fuqin get flute , played one after another Mengjiangnan .

Because loving, so I more nimble dance steps, but also more than a reason to smile . I know , if you have love , life can meet bloom everywhere . Because of love, cold winter will be warm arrive ; because of love, Meteors season still cool hand in hand.

Red hustle and bustle , you need to calm the mind ; things troubles , the heart needs a net . Now, I like to be alone , quietly enjoying one kind of Zen loneliness. I really like to have Zen saying: alive, in order to meet some good .

Always loved the "Book of Songs " in the " Reeds green and white dew cream. Called Iraqi people, in the water side ," in the words , often bearing in mind the hearts of white water lilies bloom there , so I walk through the life of the ferry, cross a tube length flute , listening fleeting cloud water Zen .

This life , I would choose to be a quiet and elegant woman , still stand in the earth, let the dust alight heart , both in the pavilion , the trail edge , or in the willow shore , stone , I will put my daughter in mind , said the wind listen. No matter where you are, I will make those beautiful memories of life Cantabile floating , swaying in the wind ......

July poetic , way to go , all the way Yin ...... I would of shadow Splendor, invite the moon for drink , wine Qing Song poetry . Heart, love , heart, piano , even loneliness is also beautiful , even though the storm I can smile before marching leisurely paced trip .

Watching the road, coming and going, me, calm as lotus .

I think as long as my heart there is love , then there will be a place where I passed Allure bloom .

[ 2 ]

"While I was blind , but I'm not disabled, I just sighted through the night ! " When the voice of the blind singer Yue Lei gently floated from the stage of the Chinese dream dreams , my heart instantly tremor.

Yue Lei 's face looking at me but not the slightest haze , I only saw his brow sunny overflowing with joy his mouth while jumping .

" ...... He can not see everything out the window , hollister uk outlet review but in love with this world , he can not see the color of flowers , but the spring ...... even fall in love in this way , even if it has been bruised , Jinjinzuanzhao original dream , Ying running away with the wind ...... "When this inspirational song from the blind singer Hongshanyi snow wafting mouth , spread my eardrum , the tears wet my eyes .

What is the reason so let Yuelei sun, so optimistic ? What is the reason to make such a flood of good snow to rise , so persistent ?

I think, in addition to love , nothing else.

Face to the sunlight , there would be no shadows. If you have love , heart, light, will not be confused , do not get lost . As long as you have love , you can get out of darkness , out of hell , to the abundance of the harvest season of life .

" Blessing in disguise , a blessing in disguise ." "When God closes a door for you , I will also open another window for you ." Things that can transform the world , there are always setbacks and storms of life , but as long as people can understanding " be tolerant to diversity , tolerance is a large, steeply Chihiro , desire is just ." meaning , then he ( she ) will be able to be invincible, listen to the song of life hollister uk outlet review leisurely , chimes rang a better life .

Miss the sun , moon and stars that we can go to feel beautiful ; missed Benz, we can go to enjoy a stroll poetic ; miss flowering , we can go to watch the elegant situ determination of the cloud volume.

Clouds , Clouds Yat state ; ; water, water Smart ; rain, rain graceful wind , windy clear posture . That this world , everyone is unique existence.

"There are benefits to yell , Lee Hee hee are becoming ." Life is a failure , is wonderful , to see how you brush ; life is dark , the light , to see how you step down .

Red Dust , peace of mind is to go at . As long as you have love , you can encounter along the way of happiness , met bloom .

[ 3 ]

Buddha said: an idea born of an idea to die. This life , hollister uk outlet review he die. Only one thought calm , order straight side.

Buddha said: life has been made ​​by a relative from the heart, are all things in the world of phase , the heart does not move, neither things moving , heart change, things are unchanged.

Buddha said: laughing face , do not complain. Leisurely , heart , with the nature , revel . Destined to change his life , and only years later , that a bloom time .

Heart, love , where life does not bloom ? Where does life spring ? Inside there is sunshine, there is love, wherever , are not afraid of the dark .

Let Taoyuan kept in mind , who would never have ray flowers ; let love planted in the heart, there Yimiyangguang around forever . Comprehend keep a roll for years after , there is clear sky around forever , immortal life will always have a beautiful legend.

Red this life , if thankful , multi-line charity , then there will be a look back at the wonderful write .

" Gifts of roses , hand left lingering fragrance ." If love , warmth in ; love if , happiness , it will smoke drifting million heavy water , pour.

If you have love , will be able to find a better state of mind, no matter where , can have a clear sky ; If you have love , you can listen to the voices of flowers, the other side there will be fleeting Bird song Four Seasons flow rhyme ; If you have love , life , certainly , summer Fangfei , winter warm , subtle fragrance surplus road , wonderful hollister uk outlet review story scenes staged for ......

In the face of adversity, people should learn to be strong in pain , humiliation, a butterfly , from the ashes , so , brilliant smile can all seasons .

Heart, love , across the landscape ; heart, love , I lack nothing . Life , I would Screenshot ray flowers , Qingwo one knows , in the south of Jiang Sheng lamplight , waterfront neighbors , piano pillow and sleep .

I will bring love , let yourself grow old gracefully in a sunny , Huaxiangniaoyu in .

Look ! Heart , earthly fireworks ; listen ! Heart , cloud hollister uk outlet review water Zen .

Fleeting season, even though no wind , my heart still love flowers gently swaying ......